Rundle Park

A couple of weeks ago, a grad school friend drove all the freaking way from BC for a wee visit. I thought I’d share a bit of our random wanderings.

The weekend my friend was here was fabulous. The sun shined, the skies were mostly clear, a light breeze blew, blah blah blah, so we drove around town and eventually went to a park. Rundle Park seemed like a good place to visit as neither of us had been there and it had a bridge linking it to another park (Golden Bar Park, which is across the river from Rundle).

Rundle seemed to be primarily a recreational park. They had a rec centre, ponds with nets set up (thought we couldn’t figure out what sport they were for as the water was too shallow for polo), and a Disc Golf course. Neither of us had any idea what Disc Golf was (in fact, we kept seeing things that looked liked weird basketball hoops and couldn’t figure out what they were for until we saw the game in action). It was quiet when we first arrived. We sat on the grass for a wee picnic then wandered around and across for Golden pond. If I lived closer or thought that getting there by bus wouldn’t be a pain in the butt, I’d definitely go back sometime.

The bridge to Golden Bar Park:



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