New sewing machine cover

Back in July I was lucky enough to nab some great fabric from @justabitfrayed. I’d been meaning to make myself a new sewing machine cover after seeing the great, made to measure and reversible pattern from Shiny Happy World, and I decided that this fabric would be loads of fun. Not long after that, I nabbed some lovely navy and pink linen fabric. The combo is fantastic.


One of the things I love about my level of skill with sewing is that I feel like I can veer from the actual pattern. The pattern called for a framed box on the front, but I just did my own things, while using the instructions for the measurements and construction. My original plan was to keep it simple with a thick vertical band of pink on one side and a few thin navy horizontal bands on the other side. But, fate dealt me a conundrum. I didn’t have quite enough fabric for both sides if I wanted to keep the stripes going in my preferred direction. So, I ended up doing some improvisational work to make the pieces big enough for the front and back pieces.

For the back, I did a simple cross in pink.


On the back, I did a giant “x” in navy with a hint of pink.


The one thing I didn’t like about the pattern, is it seemed a bit slouchy, especially at the top, so I added some cardboard to the top. It looks pretty sharp. My one regret is that I didn’t think to add a handle to the top.


The project was relatively quick … or, at least it would have been, except that the fabric (the striped fabric, not the pink and navy linen) was a bit of a pain in the butt to work with. It stretched and warped a bit and it frayed if you looked at it funny. So, I had to be really careful when I was cutting it and I had to do the poor gal’s version of serging (zigzag stitch) on ever single edge (which ended up being quite a few after

I still need to do a bit of stitching to secure the cardboard and close the opening. But, I am loving this new sewing machines cover.

Pile O Fabric


  1. Looks great! You are making everything I need haha, I am participating in a bunch of swaps right now and asked for a pin cushion, sewing machine cover, and accessories like that.


  2. Thanks, guys!

    @Alyssa: That sounds like a great way to gather things. It would be super fun to have a bunch of random treasures from other people.

    @Jessica: I have to admit that I’m still really impressed with myself for thinking of it :)


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