OMG, floor space

Once upon a time I was all about living in a small space. Then I started to quilt, and suddenly floor space became a thing of great importance. I have a big apartment (big for one person), so you wouldn’t think that this wouldn’t be an issue for me. The problem is that trying to pin several layers of quilt together without pinning the carpet is really hard (I have to put my cutting mat under the quilt and move it around without wrinkling the quilt layers – pain in the a%#). For some of the smaller quilts I’ve made, I’ve worked on my lino-covered dining area floor.  I simply had to push my kitchen table back and work in that small space. Unfortunately, I have a few bigger projects coming up, so I knew I would need more floor space.

While I was in Ikea shopping for things for my living room, I also made a pit stop in the dining area and found a great little table that’s big enough to accommodate guests, but small enough to shove out of the way (or even remove from the area entirely).

Here’s how it looks when set up normally. It’s a bit small for the space, even when the leaves are extended, but I don’t care:

Normal set-up

This is how small it gets when you close it up (notice that I bought seat cushions to match my lovely painting from my lovely friend Alice):

Wee table

OMG, look at all the floor space!

OMG, floor space!

OK, it’s not a huge amount of floor space, but it’s about twice as much as I had before. Also, yuck, that floor is ugly!

Here’s a bonus picture of the table with my Halloween tablerunner. I must wash it this weekend!

Table with halloween tablerunner

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