The problem with my living room

I’m a slacker about getting furniture. This is because (a) I’m a slacker, (b) I love Ikea stuff (relatively inexpensive, so easier to leave behind if I randomly decide to move across the country), (c) I don’t have a car and Ikea is 2 transfer away by bus (it takes FOREVER to get there), and (d) I’ve become really tolerant of not having things, so I put up with it instead of doing something about it. Because of this, I have been without shelves for 2 years. As a book lover, this sucks. As a quilter, it sucks. As someone who likes to keep her home neat and tidy, this sucks. So basically, it sucks.

It also means that it looks like my living room has been rented out to two very different people: Ms. neat and tidy and Ms. toss it on the floor.

Here is the left side, with it’s tidy sofa, eclectic bunches of pictures, random pillows, and a few neatly stacked stitching projects on the side table. You can’t tell, but even this side of my sewing table is tidy, with nothing but a speaker sitting on it. (The bins at the bottom left of the picture are my bins of sewing things).


And, here is the right side, where I just dump things that don’t have a home, including fabric, papers, stuff I recently purchased, plants, books, and even my precious scanner is randomly sitting on the floor. Even my sewing table is messy on that side.


Well, on Monday, a friend and her trusty car, Stephen, took me to Ikea and my goal for today is to build my new Ikea shelves and organize the crap out of this heap on my floor.

I also bought a smaller table (I need more floor space for pinning quilt layers together, and my current table takes up all the space). If I have the time, I may also re-pot my plants (some of them have been in desperate need of a larger pot for quite a while). With any luck, my place will look fabulous by the end of the weekend … except for my bedroom which continues to be neglected and barren.

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