Christmas cones

It’s never too early to start working on Christmas things … especially when you’re me. Christmas sneaks up on me every year because it takes a long time for me to get in the Christmas mood. I really need to start joining all the “Christmas in July” people to force some Christmas gift making out of myself.

This year, I joined Polka and Bloom’s Christmas Stitches online class. I haven’t made everything Carina’s posted so far, but, oh boy, I really love some of the projects. She has a fantastic snowflake table runner (which I think I will also do using some of her lovely floral embroidery patterns) and an embroidered pillow cover that I adore. It will be a while before I make them, as I already have a million things to do this month, but they are very close to the top of my “must do” list.

One thing I have made is Christmas cones. She gave us two embroidered patterns, but I’m an anti-heart Scrooge, so I just did the one cone with embroidery and picked some great Lizzy House fabric that I didn’t think needed any embroidery for other cone. I love them!

Christmas cones

I made a Christmas cone. A second one is being decorated with embroidery before being sewn. #christmasstitches

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