Halloween table runner

I made a Halloween table runner. This is odd for two reasons: (1) I don’t tend to decorate at home much (if at all) for holidays and I haven’t celebrated Halloween since I was much younger, and (2) I don’t usually bother with table runners or table clothes. But, Lizzy House’s “Guising” fabric collection is pretty fantastic:

Halloween table runner fabric

So, I bought some. I was going to do something like a disappearing 9 patch, but once I had it in my hands, I decided that I somewhat unplanned design with strips would be a lot more fun. Idecided that a band of one fabric in the middle with randomly sized (but carefully sorted) fabrics on the outsides would be lots of fun for the front (see right in picture below). Then I just randomly put together what I had left for the back (see left in picture below).

Halloween table runner: front and back

As you can see from the pictures, I didn’t worry to much about straight lines, things lining up, etc. This was meant to be a quick(ish) and fun project.

The front:
Halloween table runner: front

The back:
Halloween table runner: back

This was also the first project where I machine sewed the binding (usually I use the hand stitching method, but, again, this was meant to be a quick project). It went much better than I had expected. I definitely need practice and patience and I see how important it is to use matching thread. I also think I need to leave the binding looser to hide the stitching in the ditch. But, over all, I think I did an OK job, and now I have a super cute Halloween table runner.

Halloween table runner: machine sewn binding

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