Great Pacific Garbage Patch

In a recent post, I mentioned the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in passing. Then I stumbled on an interesting article in which Miriam Goldstein, a Ph.D. graduate student in biological oceanography at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, explores the myths about the garbage patch being a giant island of garbage and the potential harm these myths are doing by talking artists about their garbage path graphic novels and discussing the pervasiveness of myths. You see, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn’t anything that you can see. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an island or even a patch of the ocean with lots of floatins plastics things in it. It’s just plain boring ocean, with lots of teeny tiny pieces of broken down plastic floating in it. It’s like air pollution – the pollution is there, you just can’t see it (which, sadly, is probably a big part of why no one seems to care about it).

It’s an interesting read, go check it out.

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