Unicorn cross stitch card

We’ve had an intern helping us a lot for much of the summer and she’s been really great. So, when we found out that she was moving on to other projects, we decided to take her out for lunch to thank her and I decided to make her a card.

I can’t remember exactly how it got started, but we started joking with her about rainbows and unicorns and other such things. She even left a funny comment in a document she was working on for us to check and see if we were actually reading it. It was pretty hilarious and it was the catalyst for me to make her a unicorn cross stitch card.

I based my work on a pattern from Floss Box, which has a girl riding a unicorn, flowers, birds, hearts and all kinds of things. I just wanted a small piece for a small card, so I stuck with a slightly modified girl on a unicorn with a rainbow background.

Unicorns and rainbows cross stitch card

If you aren’t familiar with cross stitch, you probably won’t notice that I didn’t do the full cross for the pale blue sky (I just did the top right to bottom left stitch). I did this so that it would appear lighter and less dense. In retrospect, I wish I had done the same for the rainbow (and maybe two rows of each rainbow colour).

The modifications I made (aside from the background) include: changing the girl’s shirt design to include a flower, not bothering with the bows in her hair, modifying the end of the unicorn’s mane so that it doesn’t overlap with the saddle, modifying the saddle design, and using modified stitches to make the unicorn horn more triangular instead of just a straight line of stitches (quarter and three-quarter cross stitches, as seen here).

This is the finished card:
Unicorns and rainbows cross stitch card

It took a long time because it’s small and includes a lot of colours (and I was modifying as I stitched, so I’d have to stop and think about things on occasion). But, it was worth it – the card’s super cute. Also, the intern was worth the effort. She is a hard worker and a really lovely person.

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