Pin cushion for my sewing machine

Last weekend I didn’t do much sewing. But, along with the needle cushion I made, I did a quick pin cushion to attach to my sewing machine (middle item in the picture below). I didn’t follow a tutorial or pattern word for word, but I got the inspiration and basic how-to from this tutorial.

I’m not one of those people obsessed with things being matchy-matchy, but I do like a little bit of cohesiveness, so I used some scraps of Lizzy House fabric that matched the fabrics I used in my tufted pin cushion and my needle cushion (the orange fabric is from her 1001 Peeps collection and the purple is from her Outfoxed collection).

Pins and needles

It’s the perfect thing for my sewing machine … now I just need to make a sewing machine cover.

Pins and needles

This was one of my projects that I pinned with the intention of actually sewing it as part of the Pile O’s Fabric Pin it, Sew it! challenge.

Pile O Fabric


  1. Perfect! I am in need of a sewing machine pin cushion too. I actually just got a new machine :D! So I want to make a sewing machine cover and cushion for it. Maybe my September goal.


  2. Is it weird that I’ve NEVER thought of a sewing machine pin cushion before?!?! That’s genius! I ALWAYS forget to bring my pin cushion over to my machine when I start sewing, and having to get up to grab it is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. I love this idea. Yours is so cute!!


  3. I only thought of the idea because I saw it on Pinterest. It’s incredibly useful and in the perfect place to put pins as you pull them out of what you’re sewing. It’s also super easy!


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