Simple bedspread

Back in May, I bought a duvet cover from Ikea with the intent of making a simple, lightweight bedspread that would adorn my bed until such time as I finally got around to making myself a quilt (yes, I’m slow to get around to projects).  Last weekend, I finally started working on it. All I did was cut the duvet cover to (more or less) the size I wanted, add a layer of thin quilt batting, do some simple diagonal stripes (the pattern has a diagonal to it, so I used painters tape to line up with that diagonal), and machine sew (rather sloppily, I’m embarrassed to admit) the binding (which I made using the left over material from the duvet). It’s cheap material, so not very soft, but I love the pattern and colour, which just so happens to match one of my sets of sheets almost perfectly. And, this will do until I finally get around to making a proper quilt for the bed.

New bedspread

(Yes, yes, yes – I know that I don’t have any art on my wall. I only go in my bedroom to sleep, put away laundry or get on my exercise bike, which has a lovely view over the River Valley, so I still haven’t gotten around adding any art to the wall.)
Matching blues (new bedspread)

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