Outfoxed pincushion

You may remember that a last week I decided to accept Alyssa’s (of Pile o’ Fabric) challenge to sew something I’d pinned. Well, this weekend I made a pin cushion from a pattern I’d pinned eons ago.

As soon as I decided that I was going to do the pincushion, I knew that I had to find purple fabric scraps, partly to match Astrid, my new sewing machine (yes, I named her), and partly because the pattern reminds me of sea urchins (which I always envision as purple despite the fact that the common urchins where I grew up are green). I didn’t have a lot of purple, but I did have some left over fabric from when I made an Outfoxed (by Lizzy House) quilt for my niece earlier this year.

Fabric Selection

I had to sew the fox fabric together to make it wise enough, but otherwise I had plenty to work with.

The pattern was relatively easy, though it calls for trimming the seam allowance at one point, but it doesn’t tell you by how much (or, why). Keeping the embroidery floss tight when creating the tufts was difficult and I highly recommend that you do each seam in sequence to make tightening them a bit extra at the end easier (you can more easily move from one to the next without having to guess which is next). Also, my fabric frayed quite a bit when I was stuffing the pincushion, so the area I had to hand stitch closed at the end was a bit messy and I felt the need to do some simple “decorative” stitching all along the seam that joined the top to the bottom. Lastly, because I had a seam running through the middle of the bottom, I did a button on both the top and the bottom to hide the fact that I couldn’t have the thread come straight through the middle at the bottom (I was worried it would pull the seam apart, so I did it a little off centre).

Despite all these minor difficulties, I love the final product. It’s a huge step up form my old pincushion, which is in a clay pot, so I’m in constant fear of it falling and shattering to pieces.

Here’s the final product:

Pin cushion

Would I make another? Definitely! What will I pin and sew next? Well, I do need a new sewing machine cover …

Pile O Fabric

Challenge accepted. Challenge complete! W00t!


6 thoughts on “Outfoxed pincushion”

  1. Just saw your link on Alyssa’s fb page. The pincushion is adorable! I still have my pins in the little plastic box they came in – I should add a pincushion to my pin it, make it list!


  2. Thanks. This is definitely a great pincushion – it’s a good size and lots of fun to make. I’d love to see what yours looks like if you decide to make one :)


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