I’ve been using Anastasia as a model for some things I’ve been making for my niece, so I thought I should instroduce you to her. Say hello to my old doll, Anastasia:


Mom gave me Anastasia when I was a kid (possibly in my early teens, I honeslty can’t remember) and she has been one of my few prized childhood toys ever since. The doll was originally made by my Nana (great grandmother) for mom when mom was about 13, if I remember correctly. Everything you see is done by hand: the painted on face, the body, the cheap acrylic yarn hair, the dress, everything. Sadly, she was started to fall apart when I got her because the fabric and thread were getting old and starting to rot. She’s so delicate now that I could easily tear a hole in her with very little effort.

A while ago, I decided to fix her a bit. Her hair was mostly falling off and I figured it was high time to cure her baldness. That’s when I realized how delicate she’d become. I’d love to pass her on to my niece, but, honestly, I don’t think she’ll last that long. Maybe I will have to make Anastasia version 2 for the niece.

Here’s a few more pictures.

Anastasia’s dress:

Anastasia's dress

Anastasia’s shoes:

Anastasia's shoes

Another picture of her dress that shows some of the details (lace, etc.) a bit better:

Anastasia's dress

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