Top number two

Yesterday, I posted about the first piece of clothing I made since I started to sew a couple months ago. It’s a sweet little top for my niece.

I made her a second top because aunty likes to spoil the wee niece. Here’s  the sneak peak I posted a while ago showing the fabric and cool ruffly or pin-tuck detail at the front:

Sneak peek

And, here’s the finished top:

Toddler top

I used an online tutorial that would have been a pretty good tutorial if I lived near my niece. It called for tracing a top that already fit the recipient, but I live a 4 hour flight away, so that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I winged it and hoped for the best. I think the straps are too far apart, but I sent it to her anyway. The problem is that because the tutorial assumed you had a child whose clothes you could trace or who you could test the top out on, it didn’t include important things that I didn’t think about, like whether or not the finished piece would actually fit the child. I see two major problems with the finished top: it’s very wide in the shoulder and the straps are probably a bit too short.

I sent her the top anyway, because it might fit her and I saw no reason to waste a potentially perfectly good top. No word yet on whether it actually fits, but I’m not overly worried as I will almost definitely be making her more clothes in the future.

The fabric, of course, if fabulous, so I bought more of it.


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