My first top

I recently jumped head first into making clothes by making a wee top for my wee niece. I used the Snappy Toddler Top tutorial from Prudent Baby. It wasn’t exactly hard, but I think that it was a bit beyond my current skill level (lots of curves!) and patience level. But, you know how it is: sometimes you just need to dive head first into a real challenge in order to learn things. Here’s a picture showing slightly uneven stitches and slightly wonky stitch lines (yes, yes, yes, it’s not that bad, but it annoys me nonetheless):

Wonky stitches

Here’s a picture of the whole front collar, which didn’t turn out too badly in the end, but certainly wasn’t perfect:


Needless to say, I will try to remember to pick fabric and thread combos that hide the thread a bit better while I practice my curves and such.

One nice thing about learning some basic hand sewing before using a machine is that when I noticed that the back half of the collar was missed when I sewed the collar+ruffles sandwich together, I didn’t panic, I just hand stitched it.


Problems to fix


Fixing problems

It’s on the inside, so no one will see it, thankfully :)

No word yet on whether the top actually fit my niece, but here it is being modeled by my old doll, Anastasia:

Snappy toddler top


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