A few things that have inspired me recently

In these past few weeks a few important, though seemingly unrelated, things happened: I read a book; a friend re-branded and re-designed her business; and, I decided to look into downsizing, which has meant that I’ve had to re-evaluate what I really need versus what I keep just because I have the space.

The book I read was “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. If you are a creative person (professionally or as a hobby, like myself), go read it. It’s a quick read, but it’s full of great ideas, words of encouragement, and inspirational thoughts. For me, it was exactly what I needed right now. It left me feeling inspired, energized, and ready to embrass my creativity.

The friend who re-branded and re-designed is Kandise Brown, an ex-coworker and a fantastic wedding/portrait photographer. Her courage and design aesthetic (yes, she hired people to do the grunt work, but she still had to pick final designs) inspire me and she’s been generously sharing some of the design process with us. I’m not going to run out and hire someone to completely re-design my site, but it did inspire me to do a little clean up, add “find more header pictures” to the top of my to do list and start thinking aobut whether or not I might want to eventually to a little more customization or add a little more content to my blog.

Lastly, my decision to downsize. I’ve actually been thinking about this for a long time. I feel a little guilty for having such a large apartment to myself and I’ve been getting annoyed with all the wasted space (lots of hallway) and my disconnection from my bedroom (the one room with nothing beautiful or inspirational – it’s just a room). So, I started doing a spring cleaning and finding things that I didn’t need or want. Then I started going through everything again and realized that I had even more that I don’t need or want. Next thing I knew, I was deciding that even if I live in my current apartment for just a few more months, I still need to make it liveable, so I completely re-arranged my living room (now I have more electrical outlets and light at my sewing table). It forced me to go through everything and re-organize my creative things (paper, paints, fabric, etc.), which reminded me of how much I have to work with.

All of these things have fed into my re-connection with my creative side and have inspired me in some way or another. All of this is making me feel energized and more inclined to try things I would have otherwise thought I “couldn’t” do.

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