I wasn’t feeling well this past weekend, so I went for a walk in hopes that the sun and fresh air would make me feel better. It didn’t, but I got some nice pictures. And, it was a nice little walk.

I’m taking part in the Photocritic Photography School (a free online photography course) and used it as my inspiration for taking pictures. Our assignment was to take a picture and then keep taking the same picture closer and closer. The point is to show that sometimes close ups are more compelling and a better representation of what we actually wanted to focus on. So, I wondered about taking pictures as soon as I saw something that might be interesting, and then moving in to the parts that I was most interested in or that was the most compelling. The picture I choose to submit is a picture of a branch (see below). I would have gotten even closer, but I would have needed a step ladder :)



Nellie McClung bust

Sunny morning


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