WIP: Fox Trails baby quilts

Last night I finished the second of two Fox Trails by Doohikey Designs for Riley Blake Designs quilt tops. I didn’t mean to make two. It just happened.

Two completed quilt tops

I started with a charm pack, which we all know are annoying, and some of the green stars fabric. When I bought the charm pack, eons ago, I was under the impression that I could make a baby sized quilt with either 2 charm packs or a charm pack and some extra fabric. This is a lie. You need at least 3 charm packs (probably 4 if you want a proper crib sized quilt) or a lot of extra fabric. I ended up buying quite a bit more fabric (mostly the green, brown and orange stars). Originally, I was going to do 2 layers of the brown/green border, but I decided that it looked better with just one layer. So, I had a whole bunch of brown/green blocks left over and a random square of orange stars. I like the striped look, so I decided to just buy even more extra fabric and make a small quilt (or, possibly a wall hanging) out of it.

So, now I have two quilts.

Number one:
Close up of Fox Trails quilt top

The charm pack quilt will have a border (binding) of the orange stars fabric and the back will be mostly green stars with a block or band of the fabric that depicts boys at camp on a brown background. It is almost big enough to fall in the range of standard baby quilt sizes and will be fine as a quilt, car seat blanket, or play/picnic blanket for a baby. I think that I will stick with simple diagonal lines for the quilting (stitching).

Number two:
WIP: A close up

The stars quilt will have the orange stars as both the border and the backing. I think that I will also add tabs so that it can be used as either a very small quilt (for keeping baby warm in the car seat, as an extra blanket in the crib, etc.) or a wall hanging. I think that I will do a full fledged cross hatch for the quilting.

I can’t finish either yet as I’m waiting for some extra fabric to arrive (for the backing). So, I’ll put them away until the fabrics arrive and start working on my last charm pack quilt (the the first one that I’ve officially designed instead of using other people’s ideas or just winging it). It will be a chevron pattern made with A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey for Moda. After that, I have a second quilt to make for my niece, an adult sized quilt to make for myself and I have a bunch of fabric collections to work with, but I haven’t decided what to do with them yet.


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