I’m a renter, but I still love reading about home decor and renovation. One of today’s Apartment Therapy’s articles was Pros & Cons: Dark Grout in the Bathroom. If you’d asked me before I read the article, I would have scoffed at the idea of anything but light grout with white tile, but the pictures they used to show the contrast between light or dark grout with white tile intrigued me, so I did a image search and saw a lot of really great examples of dark grout done well. I like how the dark grout breaks up and white and adds a little je ne sais quoi.

Click image for source

Of course, lots of people will be familiar with the traditional dark grout with honey comb  or hexagonal tiles (a classic and a favourite, I don’t know why I never noticed how much better it looks with dark grout).

Click image for source

Sometimes the grout colour can really make or break a tile job. Like in the image below. The light grout distracts you from the lovely pattern.

Click image for source

And, sometimes the preferred grout colour will depend on your personal taste and the effect you’re looking for. In the image below, I prefer the light grout because it makes the tiles really pop and shows off the pattern.

Click on image for source (an article about picking the right grout colour)

Of course, sometimes it’s all about the tile. When I win the lottery I want a shower lined in an amazing mosaic of tiles like the one below (incidentally, they used lighter grout, but then used enhancer around the darker bits to make the grout darker in those areas).

Click on image for source



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