Moonlite landscape


This is a piece that I did back in high school (almost 20 years ago … now I feel old) as part of an bigger, year long project.

At the beginning of the school year, our art teacher read us a passage from a book describing some scenery. The part that resonated with me was a full (?) moon shinning on to a field (or possibly the bank of a river). Originally, we just had to do one piece (a painting) relating to the scenery, but I was really drawn to the initial image and ended up doing several pieces:

I did a couple of different paintings providing different interpretations or using different styles
I painted on some plain unbleached cotton and used the pieces to create a patchwork piece for a quilt top (which was never completed, but still impressed the teacher)
I designed and made a small “line” if decorative pieces or jewelry out of fimo and random beads (I wore one of the pieces often and another piece was on my key chain for years – I still have the fimo beads/pendants I made)

This is one of the decorative pieces. I made the pendant and used beads (the large pale ones used to be a dark mottled green) and fishing line to make something inspired by dream catchers. The large beads and green glass beads represented the tall grasses that the moon shone over and the small glass beads were either the sky or the moonlight reflecting off the water, I can’t remember which.

I love this piece and was really disappointed when the large beads faded (they were cheap, so this happened almost immediately). I entertained the idea of getting new beads and redoing the piece, but eventually decided to move on and just relish in the memory of how awesome the piece was originally (and how the whole collection earned me one of the highest grades in the class … makes me wonder why I didn’t continue my pursuit of art beyond high school).

Anyway, after years of treasuring this piece, I finally decided that it was time to dismantle it. I’m keeping the pendant, but not the rest. It was a little sad dismantling it, but I have plenty more creativity in me.

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