DIY ironing table

When sewing, there seems to be an awful lot of pressing (ironing) involved. Especially with quilting – you need to press the seams before sewing bits together to ensure that everything lies flat and even. For a while, I simply kept a small towel close to my sewing table so that I could iron things right at the table. But, then I bought a cutting mat that takes up most of my table and can’t handle the heat. So, I started clearing off some precious counter space in the kitchen and laying down a towel. It was a bit annoying to always have to keep that one section relatively clean and to have to walk around the corner just to quickly press a seam. So, I finally conceded to the fact that I needed an ironing board. The problem is that they’re big, so they take up room and would be a pain to bring home from the store (I don’t have a car, so I’d have to walk or bus carrying a big ironing board).

Then I remembered seeing a tutorial for turning a standard collapsible TV dinner table into an ironing board. I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it, but I remembered enough to make once myself. All you need is a table, staple gun, padding, and fabric. I bought a proper ironing board cover kit (thin foam and fabric), but decided that I didn’t like the cover fabric very much, so I decided to cover everything with some lovely fabric from Robert Kaufman’s Stargazer collection.

I was going to write some instructions, but realized that without pictures, it might be confusing. And, because I’ve been using the ironing table as an actually table when working on things while sitting on my couch, I decided that I should make a second one to use as a side table (this way, I won’t run the risk of spilling something on the ironing table, which needs to stay clean). So, when I make my second one, I will take lots of pictures and write a wee tutorial. In the meantime, here’s a picture of the final product.

DIY ironing board

I also added something to “lock” the table open so that it wouldn’t collapse while it had a hot iron on it.

DIY ironing board: Locked

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