Reversible sewing machine cover and fabric bin

I did quite a bit of sewing this weekend. First, I made a reversible sewing machine cover (from this pattern), then I resurrected some scrapes from a crappy fabric bin pattern.

The fabric bin (who’s pattern I won’t share because it had bad measurements that included missing some essential seam allowances) used a pattern that involved sewing together edges of one “I” shaped piece of fabric (like in this tutorial). The problem was that the measurements it gave neglected to add any seam allowances for sewing the sides together. No seam allowance is a big problem. You need an overlap (even a tiny one) to sew pieces together. So, there I was with two pieces of fabric that had to be tossed in the scrap pile. A couple of days later, I had a brilliant idea: my sewing machine has a number of fancy stitches, including a ladder shaped stitch that I figured could stitch two pieces of fabric together without an over lap. I also had extra scrapes of the fabric I had been using for the bin that I could use to make bands for covering up the ladder stitch, if I wanted. So, I set to work trying to figure out how to fix the failed project, and in the end, I much prefer the fancier fix to the original design (see pics below).

The sewing machine cover was also a two attempt endeavour. I made it in one day, but I’d had to use random scraps for the inside as I didn’t have enough matching fabric. But, when I pulled the extra fabric I needed for the fabric bin, I realised that it would also be perfect for the inside of my sewing machine cover. The fabric didn’t match the outside fabric’s colours, but the theme is the same (marine life) and I had some plain canvas which would add a little extra stiffness to the cover. So, I carefully ripped out the seams of the outside portion of the cover and started putting together the inside. I didn’t have enough of the shell fabric to do much more then a few stripes (which I did with uneven lines, on purpose, to match the outside), but it still looks great. The outside was made using some Cloud 9 fabric (Beyond the Sea collection) which I have been hoarding for a while). I can’t remember the shell fabric’s name, designer or manufacturer.

Sewing machine cover outside, front:
Sewing machine cover front

Sewing machine cover outside, back:
Sewing machine cover back

Sewing machine cover inside:
Sewing machine cover inside

Completed fabric bin:
Completed fabric bin

Completed fabric bin


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