Banff trip, June 2008

I finished my Masters 4 years ago this month. After that, I spent a month and a bit poor as dirt, living off the generosity of my Calgary family. Then, I got a job. A real job. A real, permanent, full-time job with a decent pay check and a pension. I was pretty excited at the time, but still dirt poor. I was also pretty lucky because my ex-roommate (who I ditched when I graduated because I couldn’t afford the rent) let me move back in with her.

Then, she (somehow) convinced me to take the time and the precious few funds I had to join her on a trip to Banff. It was just a weekend trip, but I was still pleasantly surprised to manage keeping it around $100 plus my share of gas. And, let me tell you, it was worth a hundred times that. I have seen pictures and I have seen what I used to think were mountains, but nothing could prepare me for the awesomeness of seeing mountains in person. I was in awe and spent the whole weekend saying, “Wow. Wow. Wow!” and taking a million pictures. Roomie was incredibly patient with me and I had the experience of a life time. Honestly, my heart lies with the ocean, but the mountains come a close second. I could live with being land locked if I had mountains to explore (it’s a 5 hour drive to them from Edmonton … so, I haven’t been to them since).

I just posted a bunch of pictures from my trip, and here’s a few of my favourites:

Checking out the view

Johnston Creek Canyon

Look up

Lake Louise

Lake Louise


Lake Morraine

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