I built a twin lens reflex camera

The other night, I built a twin lens reflex camera from Photojojo. The instructions were good, but there were a few parts of the built that required trial and error (like when I had to add a spring who’s ends weren’t oriented exactly the same as the one in the instructions’ pictures). And, it took me a while because I was watching a French & Saunders video at the same time, so I kept getting distracted. But, in the end, I finished it and it seems to be working. The only problem I’ve had with it is that I need to put a little pressure on the edge near the counter gear – if I don’t, counter doesn’t turn. I assume this is because the film bends upwards just enough to evade the gear. I might have to do a little hack inside to fix that. But, first I want to see some pictures. I’ve taken a few (mostly of the sunrise – <sarcasm> shocking I know, I never take pictures of the sunrise </sarcasm>), but I haven’t finished the roll just yet.

W00t, can't wait to start!

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