Winter weather

We’ve had a fairly mild winter with hardly any snow. In other words, we’ve been spoiled rotten and were bound to get at least one snowy day, and that day was last Saturday.

I have to admit that, being a Maritimer, I think a foot of snow is standard for a run of the mill snow storm. We got about 16 cm or so. Needless to say, I was a bit flippant about the “huge” amount of snow we had. But, apparently we were close to beating a record for most snow in one day (17.6 cm, May 5th, 2003). That’s not bad for a city that only gets about 125 cm snow each year, but it’s still a long way off of last year (by mid-Jan we already had about double the normal amount of snow). We had so much snow last year. It felt like a proper winter town for most of the season because there was snow on the ground most of the time. This year we’re all trying to enjoy the unusually lovely (though chilly) weather while feeling a sense of impending doom – winter’s been mild so far and we all expect it to get a wee bit ferocious before Spring comes. Either that or Spring won’t happen until sometime in July.

Anyway, the point is we had a lovely snow day. I should have gone out to take a whack of pictures, because Edmonton’s almost pretty after some fresh snow and it doesn’t take long for it to start looking dirty again. But, I decided to hibernate instead. So, the only pictures I have are form my 9th floor apartment.

And, it begins

Snow in the River Valley

End of day sun

Snowy street

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