Two guys kissing is not vulgar

I wandered over to Jezebel for a little browse over lunch and was happy to see yet another example of how awesome it is that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed (at least, for now): a marine got to have his well deserved welcome home kiss out in the open and then shared the love online. Yes, people, a couple kissed. How sweet.

I started thinking about how it’s a bit sad that we’re still at a point where we make a big deal about gay couples “being allowed” to show some love in public. But, hey, at least we’re making progress, right? At least we react to it positively instead of howling, “think of the children”, right?

Oh man, my heart sank when I read a comment Jezebel highlighted to show that not all reactions were positive. The commenter said:

I don’t have anything against homosexuality but some PDA is going too far. I mean…a hug. okay normal. a kiss on the cheek. sure why not. but for 2 men to make out in front of others…that’s just trying to get under people’s skin. that’s my opinion. this just isn’t normal to many people even if we are understanding. Rubbing it in our faces won’t make is grow found of it, it’ll only alienate people

Really? Really!?!

If you didn’t have a problem with homosexuality, you wouldn’t see two guys kissing as being any different from a guy and a girl kissing.

Love isn’t about gender (or race, or political views, or sexuality, or height, etc.). It’s about love. It’s about being so happy to see someone that you just need to kiss them. It’s about being glad that your soldier made it bad alive and in one piece. It’s about happiness, commitment, respect, and friendship.

Accepting homosexuality because it’s the politically correct thing to do or a legal obligation doesn’t make you accepting. It makes you a bigot who’s pretending you aren’t. And, yes, you have a right to express you’re opinion, but I just don’t understand how you can think that a simple act of love is somehow magically vulgar just because it’s between two people of the same sex.


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