Food as inspiration, part 2

I blogged about food as inspiration earlier. After puttering on the web for a bit, I decided to check out (and register for) ColorLovers, where you can make and explore colour palettes, patterns, etc. (if you have an account, come find me: beachedlibrarian). After playing around with the tools a bit (I made a colour palette based on a painting from artist/friend, Alice, and I designed/coloured a pattern), I decided to make a colour palette from one of my food pictures (one of the suggestions from the Create Daily course). I picked the picture of dried mint because I love the bits of purple. [Edit: I made two more palettes (see below).]

Here’s the picture:


Here’s the palette:

Color by COLOURlovers

I’m definitely going to have to go back and make more. It’s easy with the tool they have that lets you work from a picture.

I made two more:

1. Pear in bowl

Pear leaf


2. Turnips



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