Finding inspiration while on a walk

As part of the Create Daily course I’m taking, we were challenged to find inspiration while out for a walk. We were supposed to do it earlier in the week, but I had to work (I work during the very short daily hours we have at this time of year) and the forecast was calling for freezing rain, so I made other plans for my lunch hour (too bad, because it turned out to be really nice). I took my inspirational walk today and I have to admit that at first I was pretty bummed out about the idea of trying to find inspiration in Edmonton in winter when we didn’t even have any snow (too many days of warm weather, so everything is either icy or bare, dead, and dirty). Edmonton is typically pretty dry and very dirty (in part because of all the sand used to deal with the slick ice and packed snow we get). This is why I often refer to it as “Dirt City”. This also means that almost everything is covered in a fine dusting of dirt/sand, so everything looks dull and dirty, which I don’t find very inspiring when I have to see it every day.

Honestly, it’s a good thing I was also running an errand, because otherwise I probably would have turned back after being uninspired and nearly killing myself on the slick ice trying to get to places that looked like they might be hiding some inspiration (like a little green space I didn’t even know existed). But, onwards I went, trying to get to the local quilting shop. And, finally I started finding some bits of inspiration. My favourite was a punch of colour I found when I walked past a bunch of berries that had fallen.

Oh, I do miss colours (and longer days), but after a semi successful walk, I’m determined to get back out again (next weekend?) to find more inspiration. Maybe I’ll head downtown, where I’ve found some great bits of inspiration in the past.

Here are a few of the pictures I took:





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