Creative spaces: my desk

It occured to me, after posting about my creative space, that I have a picture of my desk on Flickr:


As I mention in the comment with the picture and my previous post, this is not my only creative space, it’s just the only one that’s dedicated to creative things (on occasion, I try to use my kitchen table for normal things, like eating, ha ha).

The bulletin boards are mostly inspiration and information (like business or postcards from some of my favourite artists. The few pictures I have up around the bulletin boards are old things (mid-90’s) that I’m thinking of doing something with because I love them so much. The big white blob is my new sewing machine, which is waiting for some thread and a test drive. The lamps aren’t pretty and can sometimes be a bit in the way, but they are essential in my neck of the woods because there’s so little daylight in the winter (at this time of year I leave for work in the dark and arrive at home just in time to see the tail end of the sunset).

It’s a small space and can get a bit cluttered at times, but it’s a great space for sitting to do needlework or doodle.

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