Creative space

As part of trying to make more time and space (literally and figuratively) in my life for creative stuff, I decided to join Alisa Burke’s online Create Daily course. So far, I love it. She doesn’t just give us a quick and boring prompt, she writes a blog post and includes lots of examples and inspiration. One of the first things she had us do was to look at (or find) our creative space. I have lots of creative spaces: my dedicated arts and crafts desk, my kitchen table (great for messy stuff as it’s glass and easy to clean), my couch, my reading chair, … basically anywhere I can get comfortable. What I didn’t have was all my things organized like I wanted them to be. I’d started organizing things weeks ago and I’d recently purchased a few new storage bins, but I hadn’t yet organized things well enough to avoid an expanding “I don’t know where to put you” pile. I also hadn’t done much to add colour and inspiration to my space.

Colour is a difficult thing because I live in an apartment building. Everything is bland beige, beige-grey, and off-white (yawn), but hanging pictures is a pain because the walls are concrete filled, so it’s really hard to use picture hooks. A co-worker suggested the Command removable hooks (they have ones dedicated to picture hanging), so I spend a minor fortune on some and finally got around to hanging things this past weekend (yes, I have been living there for 14 months – I tend to procrastinate with some things). Now I have most of my pictures up, plenty of room for more stuff, and a whole wall dedicated to inspirational stuff (I’ll post a picture soon – you’ll notice right away that I love all things ocean related and I love nature).

Organizing things was fun, but that’s because I’m one of those sick puppies who thinks that regular “spring” cleans is time well spent. I find cleaning and organizing very relaxing. I had most of my stuff organized the way I wanted, but I needed to add a few more categories (like bins for scrap paper), make room for a few books, and split up my fabrics (felt, needlework, and quilting … though, really, you can use anything for needlework).

I’ll post some pictures and more about the work I’ve been doign for the Create Daily course once I have a few pictures.


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