I heart Aimee Ray

I love Aimee Ray’s work. She does amazing plush critters, gnomes (or, as she calls them, NŌM gnomes), Blythe doll outfits, and embroidery. She even wrote what might be one of my favourite books, Doodle Stitching. I’ve following her blog for a while now and I’m always inspired by what she shares.

I especially love her gnomes, but I don’t really have anywhere to put them (I don’t have many surfaces because I still haven’t bothered with getting shelves). So, when she blogged about gnome ornaments, I dropped everything and clicked over to her shop to buy a couple. They’re adorable and a perfect addition to my tree, which needs some more crafty variety. Needless to say, I was super excited when I saw her name on a package I received yesterday, and even more excited when I opened the package.

The gnomes are wee things (a couple centimetres tall) and they came with the cute string of banners in the picture. I love them on the tree.

NŌM Christmas ornaments

As I mentioned, Aimee Ray also has a book (actually, I think she has a couple) called Doodle Stitching. I bought it a little while ago but I haven’t done much more than browse through it as I’ve been focusing on cross stitch while I learn. I still have a couple more cross stitch patterns to do (one of which was supposed to me a Christmas present, oops), but I plan to start working on some of the projects in her book in the new year.

Here’s a bonus picture of my tree:


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