Christmas cookies

It’s that time of year when I dust of my cobalt blue (or, as my cousin would assert “Purple!”) mixer and make some cookies for my peeps. Last year I had some help (sort of) from my cousin (mostly she argued with me about the exact colour of my mixer), but I also made a ridiculously large number of cookies. This year I decided on just filling small tins. The recipes I picked were:


I picked the Pepernotens because I love a gently spiced cookie and these looked really interesting (they have, among other things, ground anise seed in them). The cookie was easy to make and the dough was delicious (!!!), but they started to smell funny half way through baking and they ended up being flat, too hard, and kind of yucky. I was really disappointed in them. I think they’re the first cookie I’ve had to throw away in years (yes, they were that bad). I don’t know why they failed, the recipe feedback seemed positive.

Because of the Pepernotens fail, I was hesitant to try another random recipe, but the Maple Shortbreads had good reviews and looked simple enough. I think they would have been more of a treat if I’d sprinkled some crystallized maple sugar on them, but they’re good.

All the rest were great successes (delicious and relatively easy, though some involved a lot of chilling time in the fridge). The Orange Cranberry (or Cranberry Orange) shortbreads are definitely my favourites and I think I might try the Snowquakes with mint chocolate chips in the New Year.

Being the artsy-fartsy person that I am, I started playing with the idea of making a decorative contents lists to put inside each tin. It took three pages of messing around with stamps and shapes, and designs, but I eventually settled on a simle circle with an evergreen bow frame and a few ornaments (based on a PapertreyInk stamp set I own). I scanned it, printed it in colour, cut it out, and taped it to the inside of the tin lid.

Decorative content list

Then, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I decided to make a bonus batch of cookies using a recipe from one of my favourite food blog, Closet Cooking. Almond Crescent are ridiculously easy, but I was worried they might be a bit bring for the holidays, so I did half the batch as per the instructions, then I added some finely chopped craisins to the second half and made cranberry almond balls. Believe it or not, I haven’t tried these yet. It was pretty late by the time I finished and I was all cookied out the next day.

Almond Crescents

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