Christmas decorations at the office

After the unofficial competition at Halloween and declarations from the other team that they “had” Christmas, I was expecting a lot from them and had some pretty big plans myself. In the end, they hardly put up anything and I did everything except for a largish Christmas scene I was planning for the wall across from me. Does that mean I won?

Anyway. here’s what I did:

Office decorations

Some of this stuff is just random decorations that the boss already had (like the tree and snowflakes). Some of it is stuff I had or bought cheap (like the garland on the wall and the glittery moose that a friend gave me). The rest was made by me (like the paper ball ornaments and all the fake presents, which are just empty boxes). Some of the paper balls are a bit awkwardly shaped because I just winged it and didn’t take the time to figure out how to make them perfect spheres. The moose tree topper was because I didn’t have a star and couldn’t find one small enough for the wee tree. I personally love it as a tree topper. And, lastly, the gingerbread peeps were made with foam cut-outs, puffy fabric paint, and some random decorative bits I found at the dollar store.

I didn’t put nearly as many hours into this as I put into Halloween, but this represents several mornings of coming in early to put things up before work started and many evenings of planning, crafting and wrapping.

Here are a few more pictures (you can see them all in on Flickr):


Fake presents




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