Water brush pen

I recently discovered the existence of what may well be one of the coolest art tools I’ve seen in a while : the water brush pen (a.k.a. watercolour brush, watercolour pen, etc.). I haven’t done much watercolour, but I plan on taking a class in the new year to learn the basics so I’m always checking out the tools and I think this tool is brilliant. You can take it anywhere and all you need to do it wipe it off in between colours. You can also put water-based inks and paints in the barrel, use it to fix crafts in not-yet-fired clay pieces, etc. So, I bought one (then another and then discovered that one came with the watercolour paint set I bought) and decided to play with it a bit while procrastinating and not doing chores. All of the below projects are done on small pieces of watercolour paper meant to be used as artists trading cards (cute idea, but for the record, it’s cheaper to buy and cut your own paper to size).

Love in progress First I pulled out my watercolour pencils and added various pinks, purples, blues and greens in the background. I then used the water colour pen to write “Love” on the card.





Hello in progress

Next, I used my fountain pen (in which I only use water-based inks) and Parallel pen (see this post) and drew on a card. I then wrote a fancy “hello” on the card.





Lastly, I used the watercolour pencils to draw a sun and used the water colour pen to soften lines and make a circle patterns along the dark yellow sun rays.


Sun close-up

It was fun and I look forward to playing with my water colour pens some more.

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