Sketchbook title page

You know how books have a page in the front with the title and such? That’s a title page. For some reason not yet clear to me, I randomly feel the need to make title pages for things like sketchbooks (or, at least some approximation of a title page). I’ve had a Ecojot sketchbook that’s been largely unused for ages (2 years?), other than a few odds and ends of sketches in it that I decided to remove (to be stored elsewhere). I don’t really have a grand plan or purpose for the sketch book, but I feel like I need to get back in the habit of doodling (almost) everyday. It will be good to get my creative juices flowing and the practice will help when I want to design my own needlecraft patterns. So, the other day I pulled the book out and randomly decided to give it a title page. This is it, so far:

WIP: sketch book title page

Just so you know, those are sea stars/starfish on the letters, wee snails for the dots above the i’s, and phytoplankton under the waves. And, yes, I am aware that it’s crocked – I always veer upwards and I’m not looking for perfection. I added some more plankton and critters last night (picture to come later) and I have half a page left to fill. I’m not sure what I’ll fill it with. Something random, probably.

Also, I really need to set up better lighting for when I take pictures :p Maybe that will be one of this weekend’s tasks.

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