Brothers suck

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken up cross stitching. When my darling older brother became aware of this, he sent me an email in which he said, “what are you, 80?” Well behaved people would ignore this and shrug it off as brothers being brothers. But, I’m not terribly inclined to be well behaved, so I decided to make him a snarky cross stitch. It started off as just a wee thing that declared that brothers suck, but I decided that it needed a bit more je ne sais quoi, so I added a flamingo.

Flamingo body in progress

It turned out much better than I expected.

Brothers suck

And, I decided to make it into a lovely card, in which all I wrote was “that is all” to really drive home the fact that my cross stitch statement is the hard truth – brothers really do suck.

Flamingo card

My brother replied by sending me an email in which he declared that no one likes a show off.

I think he’s just jealous of my awesomeness.



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