Stamp carving

Stamp carving workspaceMy sister-in-law makes amazing cards and does amazing things with rubber stamps. I find her creativity and skill inspiring. Though, I’ve never really gotten into doing the really beautiful and polished work that she does. Instead, I tend to play with the few stamps I have (mostly from her and my brother). But, after seeing a lot of handmade stamps on some of the many craft blogs I follow, I started thinking that maybe I should try to make my own as well.

Seaweed stampBack in the day (junior high, though I have no idea what grade), we got to experiment with making our own mini linocut. I made a fancy first initial and I really enjoyed it. I even kept it for years and years (only letting go when it had gotten a bit too beat up). I figured that stamp making was pretty muvh the same thing (even uses many of the same tools), so I made a trip to the craft store, bought the tools, grabbed some cheap rubber erasers (for practice), and spent an evening creating.

I’m thrilled with the results. It will be w while before I’m really good at this, but considering these are my first stamps, I simply bursting with pride. The seaweed stamp got a bit hacked, but over all they all make lovely marks.
Seaside stamp collection

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