De-clutering: the e-edition

De-cluttering your e-content is a good thing.

There are 2 main sources of e-content: your computer and online.

On your computer, try to keep things semi organized (sort things into folders, delete old documents you no longer need, tag photos, etc.). The more stuff you keep the harder it is to find the things you really need/want, especially if you haven’t keep them organized.

For your online e-content, you need to look at both actual content you publish (example: photos added to Flickr or documents you hoard in Google Docs) and the online accounts you have. The more you add yourself to the web, the more likely you are to suffer a security risk.

Here’s an example: I read an interesting comment on Jezebel a long while back. I felt compelled to comment, but that required a username and login. I provided both, left my comment, and never commented on another thing again. Then, a couple months ago, they had a security breach. My username and password (a combo I used frequently, thought fortunately not for important things) may have been acquired by hackers. So, I had to update passwords all over the net … all because of one wee comment. This prompted me to re-evaluate which accounts I actually needed. Should I keep that Twitter account I never use? What about the Ravelry account – I rarely knit, so what’s the point? In the end, I deleted at least a dozen random accounts (everything from full profile accounts to random username and passwords needed for newsletters I rarely read). I then assessed (and mostly changed) the username/password for every other account I could remember having and the content I kept on them (including a good wed of my “friends” on Facebook).

Having less online presence was oddly liberating, and made my list of passwords much shorter (and easier to manage).


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