6/52 Shedding some light on my puzzle

6/52: Shedding some light on my puzzle

I love puzzles. When the mood strikes me, I can easily ignore all other things, including hunger and bedtime, and become completely engrossed in a good puzzle. This is a picture of one that was sent to me for Christmas. I decided on a shot of it with glare from a nearby lamp because I was getting frustrated with glare from my various light sources (which, for you people who can’t be bothered with puzzles, makes working on a puzzle really freaking frustrating).

The guy who lived in my apartment before me changes all the overhead light fixtures to triple spotlight fixtures. If you haven’t lived in a dark basement apartment, this probably sounds like a semi reasonable idea. But, it sucks. Most royally. Spotlighting in dark places make the space feel smaller and darker because it creates dark shadows in all the nooks and crannies that don’t have a spot light aimed in their direction. Doubly so if the light bulbs used create narrow spots of light, like those in the retched fixtures in my apartment. If I was planning on staying in this apartment, I would pay to have the fixtures changed, but I refuse to drop a penny into this dungeon. So, I get used to living with just my two small lamps.

Unfortunately, this means that I have bad lighting for doing puzzles. Especially at night.

Nonetheless, I persevered by re-adjusting my lamps to move the glare off the section of the puzzle I was working on. And, I still enjoyed doing the puzzle.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 6 of my 52 week challenge.

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