4/52 7-legged spider

4/52: 7-legged spider

Spiders like my apartment. It’s probably because I am in the basement of a building that leaks, which means that there are lots of creepy crawlies in the walls (mostly pill or sow bugs, which I’m sure the spiders enjoy on occasion). I tend to find them most often in one of three places: furiously scampering across my floor, trying to escape from the light I have cruelly inflicted on the dark space they hidden in, or crawling around on my bathroom walls. Most of them die quick and (probably) painful deaths by the heel of whatever shoe is closest. Occasionally I let them live. The one in this picture survived a whole 2 weeks before suddenly disappearing.

It had been harmlessly hanging out on my bathroom wall, so I left him alone. One day it was a bit close to one of my towels, so explained that any nonsense involving it crawling around on my towel would result in almost certain death. After that, it retreated to the wall by the bathroom door.

As much as I dislike spiders in my home or anywhere on me, I’m quite fascinated with them. So, one day, as it was hanging out in the middle of a large patch of bare wall, I randomly decided to take a picture of it.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 4 of my 52 week challenge.

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