10/52 Trees and cracks

10/52: Trees and cracks

By the time I had taken this picture, I had had my dSLR for almost 5 months, but I hadn’t really taken it out much.  Edmonton winters can get extremely cold and as the camera was both expensive and relatively new to me, I was hesitant to ever take it outside.  But, the weather had taken a turn for the better and it was almost spring-like outdoors, so I decided to take a trip to the River Valley despite there still being a bit of snow on the ground and thick ice in the alleys.

I usually cut through the back alleys – there’s always interesting things in the alleys and considerably fewer people.  Because of the still air and the snow melt, there were puddles everywhere with reflections of the nearby trees and buildings.  I found this one particularly interesting because part of the cracked bottom was obscured by the silt in the water, so the checkered cracks blended into the chaotic branch pattern from the evergreens being reflected in the puddle.

I think that the grey, overcast sky helped make this picture because it blends into the grey of the ice.  A blue sky would have separated the reflection from the surrounding ice too much.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 10 of my 52 week challenge.

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