%#$@ window

The pane of glass in the bottom half of my bathroom window broke during the winter and I asked to have it fixed. I would have been perfectly happy (nay, thrilled) if the super had just use window film on the outside of the pane to keep all the pieces in place, but instead I got a new window. A completely see-through window. Not frosted or speckled. See-through. At ground level (literally – it’s just a few inches from the ground). Facing a busy (always) sidewalk and road.

To add insult to injury, I wasn’t told this was happening, so I was a bit surprised to walk into my bathroom in not very many clothes (I change out of my work clothes as soon as I walk in the door). Needless to say, the towel I hung is ugly but essential.

This damned apartment gives me a lot of grief :p



  1. Hahaha, omg. Our landlord also replaced our frosted glass street level bathroom window with a clear window! What is up with that?

    I swapped out the white curtain for a piece of light blue cloth (lets in roughly the same amount of light but seems more opaque than the white), and I happened to have a photo that fit perfectly within the frame, so leaned that up against the window for added privacy.


  2. Good idea. I haven’t decided what, if anything, I will do (other then the towel solution). This window is right in my shower so I have to have a curtain made of shower curtain (that’s the clear plastic on the left). But, both the curtain and my actual shower curtain as see through, so I can’t even go pee without people being able to see.

    I should do something, but in all likelihood, I’ll be moving out in a few months so I can’t be bothered to do anything more then what I already did (thank goodness I had some extra curtain wire I wasn’t using).


  3. You can still buy that plastic adhesive film stuff (we used to call it mack-tack when we were kids, god only knows what space-age name they have for it now) to put over windows like this.

    Of course, you can also just be that sexy naked lady that everyone talks about at the water cooler. Whatever floats your boat. ;)


    • Ha :D Now I’m tempted to put on flesh coloured clothes and dance like a fool while showering and blasting cheesy 80’s music.

      I think I will stick with my towel solution. I refuse to put time or so much as a dime into this apartment. It should have been done for me (of course, I should also have been given my 24 hour notice that someone would be in my apartment). Plus, I’ll be moving in a few months so I don’t want to bother with any upgrades to this place now.


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