Twelve Cubed

Last week I posted a link to the Twelve Cubed homes on Facebook and said that I wanted one. I was half joking at the time. That is, after all, a footprint of only 144 square feet (granted it’s 12 feet high, which leaves room for a loft or storage).

Then I started to think about my small apartment (about 250square feet) and I realized that I could easily live with less space if the layout and storage was better designed. Without changing anything, I could chop 2- 3 feet off the long side on my apartment. If the layout was better and I didn’t mind having a slightly cozier (read: what other people would call slightly cramped) space, I could manage with about 100 square feet less. All I need is room for what I have, which isn’t very much.

The bulk of what I store in my apartment is stuff like my suitcases and boxes that I am hanging onto for when I next move. I mostly just keep what I love or need, so I don’t really have much (you’d be amazed at how much you can live without once you can surpass the emotional or guilt related attachment hurdles).

I love having owning little and having a small cozy place to live in. So, now I really do want to live in one.


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