Suzuki and Gore on Q

Al Gore and David Suzuki were on Q the other day.

Apparently Gore predicts climate treaty by next year (see here).

I’m not sure if I am as optimistic about a climate treaty as Gore is, but I have to admit that the fact that Obama will be at the Copenhagen summit makes me feel a bit more hopeful. And, it seems to have helped force Harper to go. (I hope one of the more eco-savvy countries gives him a good old fashioned wedgie.)

Anyway, these are my two favourite quotes from the interview:

Gore said:

“Gasoline made from the tarsands gives a Toyota Prius the carbon footprint of a Hummer.”

Oh hell yeah, you tell ‘em, Gore. It’s so true. The tar sands are a huge issue (see my Oil Sands Myths  post).

In relation to support for climate change and his thought that decline in support is correlated to 20 years of marketing efforts by the very corporations that are the worst greenhouse gas contributors, Suzuki said:

“There isn’t a debate any more than there’s a debate over evolution in biology.”

Perhaps this would be a good time for me to mention that I am a firm believer in evolution.

The interview is interesting and worth listening to (right click to download from CBC).


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