Three little plastic birds

The other day I took the long way around town on the bus. I like to do this sometimes because it gives me a reason to turn off, tune out, and just relax – I’m stuck on a bus and have no faster means of getting to my destination, so I can stop thinking and just enjoy the tour of the city. It was Saturday morning just before the mad Christmas shopping rush to the malls started. By then I had already gone to the market and the mall and just needed to make a pit stop at the library before heading home.

We had wet snow that was turning into cold rain which was starting consider the possibility of becoming freezing rain. I don’t mind the wet, but the icy part ruins winter for me. I hate ice and no one knows how to de-ice their sidewalks (of course it’s so freaking cold here that salt doesn’t actually work, so there are no easy ways to de-ice the sidewalks).

I stared out the window watching Dirt City fly by and watching the snow lose its white luster to grey-brown slush from the roads. Great, I thought, we just got rid of the dead brown of post fall plant die-off, and now we have to suffer through the greasy grayish dirty snow.

We pulled up to a bus stop near the end of Jasper and I happened to look up at the scraggily tree by the road … where three birds were perched on the branches. Three little plastic birds had been attached at the perfect height for bus commuters to see. They were faded, dirty, lopsided … and beautiful. I don’t know why they were there, who put them there or if they put them at bus window height on purpose, but they made my day.


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