Australia does not approve of Japanese whaling

I don’t know what bothers me most about this video: the dead female and calf (less then 12 months old) being towed onto the whaling ship or the brief glimpse of a whale that it trying to flee while a harpoon is embedded in their side. On the bright side, Australian politicians are recording these events and hoping to use them in a diplomatic and legal battle against whaling. The Japanese claim that (a) it’s not a female and calf, and (b) they are justified in taking the small minke because they are doing “random sampling”.  Sorry, hun, but there is a difference between random sampling and heartless murder of a calf.

The whales in the video are Minke whales. The Japanese hunt them and Fin whales as part of their “scientific” research. If they really want to know about minke whales, maybe they should talk to the people involved with Minke Whale Research at the Great barrier Reef in Australia (who have some great minke whale pictures here).

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing both in the Bay of Fundy while working for a whale watch tour company several years ago. The fin whales are huge (second largest whale) and quite “shy” so we were hardly ever able to see them up close. The minkes also tend to avoid the boats. They are also usually hard to spot because they are relatively small, fast, and sleek. We saw one breach several times in a row. It was amazing.

They’re amazing creatures and I applaud Australia for taking a stand against Japanese whaling.

And, yes, that is the Peter Garrett we all love from Midnight Oil.


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